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People can't buy from you if they can't find your business ONLINE

The number one thing that you need as a local business, is to be visible to customers who are searching for your products or services. If people can’t find your business, they won’t be able to make a purchase.

Search engines like Google will display the results that they feel are most relevant for the search query. The more you can do to help the search engine feel your website is suitable, the more visible your business will be.

There are steps that you can take as a business owner to improve the visibility of your business in your local area. This is called Local SEO, the process of optimizing your website (and business) to be found in search engines.

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"We’ve seen consistent measurable results and increases in web traffic and conversions in our business in only a few months of working together. Chris goes above and beyond to help his clients succeed while simultaneously educating and empowering them to do more."
thc canada
Colin Bambury
Head Of Marketing
THC Canada, Vancouver B.C.
"Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only does he do a lot of the grunt work when it comes to SEO but he teaches you all the elements that improve ranking that can be done on your own. He has significantly increased our exposure online which led to an impressive ROI. We would recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to increase exposure online as we found first hand that he is worth every penny."
Will Sanson
E-Commerce Manager and Digital Marketing Strategist at Superette
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